Jennifer Browning


If I were a Sophisticrit, I’d be a chipper chinchilla.

Jennifer Browning is an illustrator, designer and DIY crafter extraordinaire. She was born in the cheese state, raised in the city of brotherly love, educated by the orangemen (and women), and now resides in the big apple.

She spends most of her time designing children's books and apps, illustrating cute critters, taking arty photos, playing music, and DIY-ing apartment decor and jewelry.

Jennifer founded Sophisticrits in 2010. She has been drawing fuzzy critters and expanding the critter product line ever since. For custom pet portraits, and wholesale /consignment inquiries, please contact

Brian Keenan

Web Guru / Dishwasher

If I were a Sophisticrit, I’d be a skinny wolf.

Converse Frederick

Chief Cat Officer

If I were a Human, I’d be an emotional stage director.